Reldan, a precious metals processor based in the USA, is thrilled to introduce its ESG program. ESG, Environmental Social and Governance, is a standard used to evaluate a company’s performance based on its ability to manage its environmental and social impacts, as well as its governance mechanisms.

At Reldan, we specialize in reclaiming and processing precious metals in a sustainable and life-cycle-friendly manner. Our approach is distinct from the traditional “take, make, and dispose” model commonly used in the precious metals industry, instead focusing on reclaiming, recycling, and processing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper to contribute to closed-loop systems. Our impact is particularly significant in the industrial manufacturing waste and electronics scrap sectors, where there is an average growth of over 2 million tons yearly.


As a leading precious metals recycler and processor in the United States, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability through our business practices and we take pride in operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Our processing facility, situated in the Greater Philadelphia area, was intentionally designed to meet the rigorous standards of LEED Silver certification. This certification ensures that our facility complies with strict requirements for energy and water efficiency, employee safety, safe materials handling, and waste reduction. Our commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us is unwavering.


 At Reldan, we are committed to reducing our emissions output and minimizing waste in our operations. To achieve this, we use equipment, processes, and materials that reduce waste and emissions. We also invest in renewable energy offsets to achieve carbon neutrality, covering 100% of our energy usage. Our LEED Silver-certified refining facility prioritizes energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste reduction, and a safe work environment. We ensure that our supply chain operations meet Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) standards. Additionally, we participate in a reputable third-party facility review program that helps waste recycling, treatment, disposal, and storage companies evaluate their environmental programs.


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