We refine precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium, from end-of-life materials and contribute to a closed loop system for manufacturing new products essential for everyday life. LEARN MORE RELDAN: Precious Metal Refining Essential for Modern Life LEARN MORE RELDAN’s Intelligent Refining™
Maximizes Value, Sustainably
Fortune 500 manufacturers rely on our metallurgy and recovery expertise and innovative solutions to meet any global processing and refining challenge while protecting the environment.
Our customers rely on our advanced precious metals refining methods and value chain security to manage environmental risk. LEARN MORE RELDAN Protects Against Brand Risk
and Provides Peace of Mind

Sustainable Precious Metal Refining: We LEED by Example

We take pride in our environmental stewardship. Reldan is one of the most sustainable precious metals refiners in the United States. Our precious metals refinery in the greater Philadelphia area was purposely designed from the start to meet the demanding specifications of LEED Silver designation. Our LEED Silver certified facility meets stringent requirements for energy and water efficiency, employee safety, safe materials handling and waste reduction, while remaining sustainable

Reldan is Carbon Neutral

3,700,000 kWh Annual Power Committed to Renewable Energy

215 Million Lbs. of Material Saved from Landfills

Proven Leadership and Certified Proof

Reldan maintains over a dozen certifications and accreditations assuring our customers that we meet the strictest industry standards for safety and environmental stewardship. Our stringent environmental precious metals refining includes safe materials handling and disposal of toxic byproducts, logistics and supply chain accountability, net zero carbon emissions, security compliance, and occupational and safety compliance. We are certified by R2, RIOS, LEED, and an e-Steward refiner, recycler, and processor.

DoD Compliance
Customs Expertise
Responsible Downstream Recycling
Sustainable and Safe Recycling
Recycling Best Practices
Highest EHS Standards

Why Partner With Us?

We Make It Easy

With our flexible and innovative solutions to effectively manage your capital and cash flow, and tackle difficult issues with logistics, tracking, reporting, and security, we make doing business easy.

We Deliver Peace of Mind

Your brand is the most valuable asset of your business. As the industry leader in environmental responsibility, we ensure your brand is protected up and down the value chain with responsible precious metals recycling, refining, recovery and disposal.

We Maximize Value

Along with our advanced, state-of-the-art equipment, our consultants will get to know you and your business to customize business solutions and specifically address your business needs to maximize the value of your precious metal scrap.

We Care: Health & Safety

The health and safety of our customers and employees are our first priority especially with the uncertainty of a global pandemic. We are the first and only GBAC Star certified refinery in the world.

We Have Strong Partners

As an industry leader, we maintain relationships with other leading partners to craft innovative and outside-the-box solutions for complex business challenges.

We Are Global

With facilities in India, Mexico, and partnerships in East and South Asia and across the globe, we can handle virtually any waste refining challenge, large or small, no matter the complexity.

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Reldan is a proud member of the International Precious Metals Institute, the preeminent trade associate of the precious metals industry.

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