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Global Facilities

We Share Our Best Practices Globally

Being clean ourselves is the only way to ensure our customers’ materials are processed and handled safely, with less energy and waste, and exceed regulatory compliance. Our best practices are implemented in our global facilities in India, Mexico, East and South Asia for customers who need a global partner.

Reldan is Committed to Protecting the Environment as Part of a Larger Responsibility

At Reldan, policy drives action. We developed a Quality, Environmental Stewardship, Health & Safety Management System (QEHSMS) to drive the right behaviors throughout our teams and ensure our employees and customers are safe and we protect the environment.

Environmental, Safety, and Security Compliance
Environmental, Safety, and Security Compliance

Exceed and comply with all environmental stewardship and safety regulations, including regulatory and non-regulatory requirements.

Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction

Use processes, materials and products that avoid or control pollution and reduce waste.

Export Accountability

Prohibit the export of hazardous electronic waste and comply with the Basel Convention on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal.

Data Security

Establish a clear understanding with our customers of Reldan’s commitment to data security via secure data destruction methods. Ensure compliance with our suppliers and vendors compliance with our handling of any data bearing end-of-life material.

Forced Labor

Monitor, conform and comply with all national and international laws prohibiting prison labor and child forced labor for the processing of hazardous electronic end-of-life and waste materials.

Communication & Awareness
Communication & Awareness

Clearly and completely communicate Reldan’s policy objectives to ensure that employees are aware and actively commit to the QEHS policy requirements. Ensure that suppliers, vendors, clients, contractors and all who may perform work for or on behalf of Reldan are aware of the QEHS policy and adheres to its objectives.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve the QEHSMS to further reduce our environmental footprint, improve the health and safety of our employees, and actively promote local and global sustainability best practices to our partners.