Reldan’s Intelligent RefiningTM: Scalable Solutions Customized for Any Refining Challenge

Refining solutions expertise including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Logistics and planning solutions

Customs expertise

Hazardous waste handling

Full track-and-trace capability

Full array of waste processing solutions


Most material is vulnerable to loss during the thermal reduction process, but our dual chambered starved air technology allows us to have the best control over the process and your materials. A controlled process means we give you the best value for your materials, get you a faster return and limit the waste produced allowing for a much more sustainable process.

Mechanical Reduction

Our advanced, 4-stage system was built specifically to maximize the value of precious metal scrap material. This process breaks down, sorts, and separates, while simultaneously an advanced dust collection system reclaims every valuable particle so you get the best return on your precious metal waste streams. Our 4-stage process is not only more accurate but also a much faster way to process your material resulting in faster processing.


Our furnaces can process the rarest materials containing precious metals. Our distinctive process allows for the best value of precious metal recovery in the most sustainable way. We create a sample that can be broken down in a way that ensures we deliver maximum value, and eliminate most process chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.


We use an exclusive chemical blend that streamlines your precious metal for quicker turnaround times. Our multi-stage blending tanks and super natant testing ensures the best value for your precious metal scrap. Our completely self-contained chemical processing facilities prevents environmental runoff and no wasted material in landfills for a cleaner, more sustainable operation.

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