The health and safety of our employees, customers and communities is our top priority. Read about our response to COVID-19 here.

Focus on Communication

Training and guidance have been continually provided to employees and visitors on the proper usage and wearing of the PPE available. This includes but is not limited to signage throughout the facility regarding PPE, social distancing, and other COVID related practices adopted by ARM.

Reduced Access

Access was reduced to our facilities to only essential employees and production essential contractors. 90% of our non-plant personnel moved to teleworking.

Leave & Compensation

A COVID leave and compensation policy was added to the company PTO policy prior to the implementation of the Federal Cares Act to promote a safe and open workplace.

Appointment Only

Essential sub-contractors and customer visitations are currently by appointment only, since state/government policies have moved into the next phase, whereas non-essential sub-contractors, temporary workforce, and customer visitations were initially prohibited. Appointments are managed to prevent an excess influx of people into the facility, allowing for continued enforcement of social distancing and best health practices.

Masks Mandatory

Mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing policies were established. The mask policy has been updated to prohibit cloth and homemade masks. Mandated PPE is provided to all site personnel. Optional PPE, such as gloves and face shields are stocked and made available.

Staggered Shifts

Shift start times, break times and end times have been controlled and staggered for employees that remain on location. This process minimizes congestion in higher traffic areas such as break areas, locker room, and plant dress areas.

Social Distancing

Floor markings are located throughout the premises, establishing social distancing guidelines.

Virtual Interactions

Training and meeting schedules have transitioned to virtual sessions as much as possible.

Medical Questionnaires

All visitors and employees entering ARM facilities are required to complete daily medical questionnaires as well as undergo a temperature check before entering the building. ARM automated the daily medical questionnaire process to allow for immediate review and response.

Increased Sanitization

All high touch point areas such as doorknobs, entry ways, elevator buttons, coffee pots, microwaves, etc., have been identified and are continually cleaned throughout the day. Cleaning of the locker, break, and lunch areas has increased and are conducted before and after every scheduled start, break, lunch, and end time. Professional sanitation cleaning of high traffic areas including electrostatic treatments has been outsourced.

Safety Separators

Safety plexiglass isolation separators have been installed in offices, general office areas, and workstation areas with more than 1 person. Cubicle dividers and spacing requirements have been instituted where plexiglass alternatives were not able to be accommodated.

Outdoor Breaks

A 40’ x 60’ fully enclosed weather resistant lighted tent was erected outdoors as an additional lunch and break area in accordance with social distancing policies as well as CDC recommended cleaning standards. We now have 3 separate outdoor break areas with seating arrangements that meet social distancing requirement from adding the tent.

Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations were installed throughout the facility and device wipes are made available at multiple locations.

Consultative Nurse

A consultative nurse with a specialty in Infectious Disease control has been contracted to assist in adherence to and development of procedures and policies.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

A thermal imaging body temperature monitoring system has been purchased and will be installed by the end of the 2nd quarter to replace the manual temperature check process